HTTP Codes

Khipu services uses conventional HTTP status codes to indicate success or failure of an API request. The range 2xx is used to indicate a successful response and that everything worked as intended, while the 4xx is reserved for errors with the data provided in the request (missing or invalid authentication credentials, call to non-existent resource). The 500 code means that an unhandled exception prevented the request being processed on our side.

Code summary

HTTP Status Code
200 - OK The request was processed and a valid response was returned. Note that a response may include an empty Data object and still be considered correct. Response with "OK" in the Status field.
202 - Accepted The request was received and passed correctly to the asynchronous channel. The complete response will be delivered to the callback URL specified in the request. Response with "OK" in the Status field.
400 - Bad request The request could not be processed. Probably the payload is malformed.
401 - Unauthorized Missing the authentication header, or the value is invalid.
404 - Not found The requested path does not exist in the server.
500 - Server error Something prevented the request to be executed and an error was thrown by our platform.